Matter, virtuality and the expanded body

Matter, virtuality and the expanded body” is an experimental project resulting in three performances at the Inter Arts Center in Malmö. It’s a series of three concerts which build on close collaboration between the composers and performers involved with the aim of creating a performing arts collective that will explore the relationship between sound, body, the natural environment and the virtual realm and the purpose to frame with a curatorial approach different kinds of artistic expression related to sound.

This will be accomplished both by researching the existing repertoire and by producing new works as a way to develop ideas in a close composer-performer relationship. The duality between man and technology is nowadays an inescapable issue and will inform our compositional practice, our choice of the repertoire and our study of the pre-existent scores. Technology will be a means of shedding light on the ongoing processes (IoT, wearable tech, smart objects, smart cities) thanks to which devices are more and more invading our body, while our mind is losing its concrete link to the body itself, slowly becoming a detached entity on its own, and nevertheless isolated from the other minds. With this project we want to raise questions and foster the reflection on the unweighted balance between virtuality and the here-and-now, pointing out that the bias does reflect the lack of consciousness of our very materiality.

Each concert features one of the elements mentioned in the title: matter, or all the tangible reality that surrounds us, including our own and other people’s bodies; virtuality, or the immaterial world created by our minds, but also by technology, as an intangible presence; the expanded body, or the natural evolution/synthesis of the first two, in which the cybernetic practice starts to inform our life in two directions: towards the machine-like man with his extended senses and limbs, or towards the thinking machine interfacing with humans with his decisional brain.

The three concerts will take place in Spring 2017.

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