Did you already check out what we wrote about our concert series and about the first concert? Now we’ll tell you a bit more about the second concert, on the theme of “Virtuality”.

In this second concert intangible realms will be evoked. The concert will focus on the duality between the concrete presence of a body (as a person or as an object) and the abstract essence of electronic sound, virtual networks, video-projected images as doors to another dimension.

The program for this concert will include the virtual human presence in two different forms: two pieces from the well-know series “Voices and piano” by Ablinger present a virtual person under the shape of a voice, while the duality of the clarinetist and an interviewed condemned to death is the core concept of Jacob TV’s “Grab it”.

We also think it’s important to play a piece by Luigi Nono in order to show how the environment created by the live electronics system starting from the tuba’s sound is really something different from other live-electronics approaches, where the processing of the sound still leaves quite a big space for the instrument. In Nono’s music the performer almost disappears, and all of his/her energy is transformed into soundscape. The piece we chose is “Post-Præludium per Donau” for tuba and live electronics.

A new work written by Francesco Del Nero will complete the concert program. A piece which represents a sort of journey into the mind of the author and in which the virtuality will have both the function of creating a soundscape around the audience and the function of a character, bringing it from a real world to the surreal world of the dream.

Stay tuned for our next posts!

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