Carte Blanche à Hanna Hartman • Sound Spaces • May 25th, 8 pm


We are thrilled to give Carte Blanche to one of the most important electroacoustic music personalities of the last decade. Awarded with the Karl-Sczuka-Preis (2005), the Phonurgia Nova Prize (2006 & 2016), the Villa Aurora grant (2010) and the Rosenberg Prize (2011) to name a few, Hanna Hartman presents a program of three pieces written in the last three years.

* * *


Hanna Hartman,
Black Bat (2015) 7:43 Min
Crush (2018) 14:35 Min.
Fracture (2016) 23:40 min.

Hanna Hartman, acousmonium

* * *

BLACK BAT was composed for the speaker system of BERGHAIN, Berlin. Commissioned by Deutschlandradio Kultur & Sclossmediale Werdenberg. Premiered as part of the Art’s Birthday and Ultraschall Festival in Berlin 2014. Black Bat was given an honorary mention of Ars Electronica 2015. 10” Single Sided Vinyl Release Komplott 2016.

CRUSH was commissioned by Sveriges Radio and premiered as part of Art’s Birthday on the 17.01.2018.

FRACTURE was commissioned by Deutschlandradio Kultur and premiered on the 7.10.2016

* * *

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