Quatuor Impact – Les Automates de Descartes

April 16th, 2019 – 8pm

Through the bodies of four musician-machines, “Les Automates de Descartes” invites the audience to question the reality of what we see and what we hear. Playing with sonic and visual illusions, Quatuor Impact challenges the traditional relationship between sound and gesture, human and machine, musicians’ bodies and the space they inhabit.

The program is composed of five works for string quartet. Each work incorporates elements of choreographed movement, stage directions, or sonic theatre. The musicians perform with their instruments, move, dance, use pedals, neon lights, iPhones, and live electronics.

«What do I see from this window, if not hats and coats, which could cover phantoms or pretend men who move by springs? But I judge that they are real men, and thus I understand that what I thought to see through my eyes comes uniquely through the sole faculty to judge, which resides in my mind.»

René Descartes, “Méditations métaphysiques”

Impact are:
Szuhwa Wu – Violin
Irène Lecoq – Violin
Julia Robert – Viola
Anaïs Moreau – Cello


Alessandro Perini • Les Automates de Descartes
Alexandros Markeas • Obsessions
Simon Steen-Andersen • Study for String Instrument #1
Natacha Diels • Nightmare for Jack
Simon Løffler • B

In collaboration with Musik i Syd

Entrance ticket:
50 SEK
Tickets at:

Facebook event link:

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