Sofía Scheps – Virtualidad Real (Real Virtuality)

Sofía Scheps (Uruguay) is one of the winners of our Open Call for acousmatic music 2020!
Have a look at her works on her vimeo channel:
Her winning piece “Virtualidad Real (Real Virtuality)” will be performed on the Inter Arts Center’s acousmonium, date to be defined.
Uruguayan composer, graduated from the School of Music of the University of the Republic (Uruguay), where she is currently an assistant professor to the chairs of Composition and Orchestration, and an Academic Assistant to the deanery. In 2017, she completed a masters degree in Sound Art, at the University of Barcelona. She works in the frontiers of experimental, electroacoustic music, mixed media, chamber music, and sound art, and has premiered works in concerts in Uruguay, Argentins, Chile, Mexico, USA, Canada, Spain , Switzerland and Germany. She also devotes part of her time to sound design, music composition and audio postproduction for audiovisual pieces and scenic arts.

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