Sant’Efisio Sound Installation – SOUND SPACES Festival 2020

October 23rd, 17:30 – OPENING
Inter Arts Center

October 24th, 14:00 to 22:00
Inter Arts Center

The feast of Sant’Efisio is the most important religious procession in Sardinia. It takes place every year on 1 May, uninterruptedly since 1657. It is said that in 1656 the inhabitants of Cagliari prayed Sant’E- fisio to defeat the terrible wave of plague, spread on the island since 1652. The municipal administration of Cagliari then made a vow to the saint: if he managed to defeat the plague, every year there would be a procession and celebrations in his honor, starting from the district of Stampace, until you get to Nora, where the saint had been martyred. In September of the same year, the heavy rains made the plague disappear, and from the following year until today, on 1 May, the vote made is respected. To take part in the parade, groups of people arrive in Cagliari, dressed in traditional clothes, coming from all over Sardinia. For a few hours the city center is filled with sounds, colors and musical traditions of the whole island.The association Amici della Musica in Cagliari, with the project Tradition and Modernity, has been proposing for some years, the presenta- tion of the most important musical traditions of Sardinia and has also started a contempo- rary reflection on some of these. Hence the idea under the Erasmus Plus project “The soundscape we live in” to propose the con- temporary reinterpretation of some monumen- ts of the identity heritage of Sardinia. Specifi- cally, it was decided to promote registration of the sounds of Sant’Efisio festival, with a group of 9 people who have seen the procession from different locations.


Marco Dibeltulu
Microclimate III (3’16”)
Sounds are recorded by Lucio Garau e Gilles Malatray

Bernard Fort
Fragments of procession (3’19”)
Sounds are recorded by Marianna Murgia

Lucio Garau
Horses 2017 (3’16”)
Sounds are recorded by Manfredi Clemente; Antony Clerc; Lucio Garau; Gilles Malatray; Mariana Viera

Theodoros Lotis
Cagliari more (3’40”)
Sounds are recorded by Manfredi Clemente, Lucio Garau e Gilles Malatray

Francesco Giomi
Untitled (2’32′′)
Sounds are recorded by Manfredi Clemente, Lucio Garau e Gilles Malatray

Project idea by Enrico Garau

Artistic supervision Lucio Garau

Technical supervision Riccardo Sarti

Link to the facebook event.

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