open air concert wandering between S:t Johannes kyrka and Magistratsparken. 

In case of rain it will be moved to the location of the next concert: Stpln, Stapelbäddsgatan 3 

16 October 2021
Kl. 17:00

“No Roof” is a series of concerts strictly connected to our festival’s name, SOUND SPACES. Exploring the common space, the space which is outside the concert hall, is the aim of the “No Roof” series which this year arrives at its fourth instalment. This time we will be wandering in the public space between the church of S:t Johannes and the three sculptures near Magistratsparken with two pieces written respectively by Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007) and James Tenney (1934-2006), both with quite open rules and instrumentation more than a detailed score. The piece by Stockhausen will be chosen among his collection entitled “Intuitive Music”, while the piece by Tenney is a one-note piece called Swell Piece #2.

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