SOUND SPACES 2022 – Call for music

The call is divided in two sections:

  • Section A: ensemble music, deadline April 30th, 2022 24:00 (CET)
  • Section B: acousmatic music (diffused live on a ~30-speakers acousmonium), deadline March 20th, 2022 24:00 (CET)

Hertzbreakerz, in collaboration with Ars Nova Society, is looking for music to be played within the 5th edition of the SOUNDSPACES festival in Malmö, Sweden.

Two or more pieces in section B will be selected to be played on an acousmatic concert in collaboration with INTONAL Festival on the 24th of April.

One or two pieces will be selected to be played by the Ars Nova ensemble in Fall 2022.

(Here is a link to last year’s festival: ).

In 2019 the winners for section A (ensemble music; this section was not included in the 2020 edition) were:
• 1 • Tonia Ko: Breath, Contained II
• 2 • Yohanan Chendler: Un po’ per non morire
• 3 • Piotr Bednarczyk: Nervous 

In 2020 the winners of section B (acousmatic piece) were:
Filippos Sakagian: par l’usure
Sofía Scheps: Virtualidad Real (Real Virtuality)

General Conditions:

  • The call is open to composers of any nationality, with no restrictions whatsoever.
  • Each composer may submit more than one composition for each section (A and B). See next paragraph for specifications. Donations will be used to partially defray the costs of the performances.
  • Any duration is accepted but we strongly recommend submissions around 8-12 minutes for section A, and up to 60 minutes for section B.
  • By submitting, the author accepts to provide the performance materials at no further cost for the organization.

Section A (ensemble)

Regarding this section, combinations of at least two of the following options are accepted (maximum: five performers):

  • Flute in C (also piccolo and alto in G, one performer);
  • Violin (one performer);
  • Cello (one performer);
  • Piano / Synth: Roland JUNO – 106 / Clavinet (2 performers, also 4 hands);

Selection Committee Section A:

  • Agata Tuchołka, flutist
  • Madalena Rodrigues, violinist
  • Alessandro Perini, composer
  • Jonatan Sersam, composer, pianist
  • Francesco Del Nero, composer, pianist

Section B (Acousmatic)

The venue for this concert is the Red Room at Inter Arts Center in Malmö, Sweden ( where we will set up a small acousmonium (around 30 speakers). This concert will happen in collaboration with Intonal Festival.

In case of selection you will need to send us an uncompressed version of the file. Please note that we will only play stereo files, diffusing them live on our acousmonium.

Selection Committee Section B:

  • Alessandro Perini, composer
  • Francesco Del Nero, composer


A suggested donation of €8 for each submitted piece can be made through this link:

If you prefer to pay through regular wire transfer use this information, using your name and the word CALL as a reference: 

Ars Nova Society
Löjtnantsgatan 4A
211 50 Malmö
IBAN: SE85 9500 0099 6034 0532 8497
Bank Name: Nordea

Account Number (only for transfers from Swedish accounts)::

PlusGiro 53 28 49-7

To complete your application, fill this form:

You’ll be asked to insert your data and info about the piece(s) you are submitting, including download or streaming links to the recording(s) and to the score(s) if relevant.

For any further question please write to: hertzbreakerz at gmail com

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