SOUND SPACES 2022 – Natalie Eriksson / Nicklas Lundberg

19th November, 19

Rehab Kultur, Malmö

This night will confront music and sound-art thanks to the performances by Malmö-based Natalie Eriksson and Nicklas Lundberg.

Natalie Eriksson will perform two extremely recent pieces by the Italian composers Giovanni Verrando and Daniela Terranova. Verrando’s piece “7th Born Unicorn”, the last from his solo Unicorn-themed pieces, is a game of resonances, mouth utterances and amplifications of sound taking place between a bass clarinet without mouthpiece and a B flat clarinet cut in half and equipped with a mini-speaker. Terranova came to malmö to work closely with Natalie Eriksson for one week, reworking a piece of her called “Let me breathe” and producing a new version especially tailored around Eriksson’s capabilities on the bass clarinet.

In the second part you will hear a performance by Niclas Lundberg who built his own sound art playground, an interface with found objects (springs, nails, fidget spinners and so on) connected to a quite messy Arduino circuit, which in turn sends sensed movements and contacts between the metal objects to a software that Lundberg has programmed himself, delivering uncanny yet extremely performative and concrete sound acts.


Giovanni Verrando: “Seventh born unicorn”, for amplified bass clarinet, filtering half-clarinet & electronics (2021)
Daniela Terranova: “Let me breathe”, for bass clarinet and electronics (premiere of the new version, 2022)

Natalie Eriksson, clarinets
Alessandro Perini, electronics

Nicklas Lundberg: “Jimmie’s Hambo – or Degenerate Swedish Music in Disguise”

Link to facebook event


sponsored by Kulturrådet

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