Cold Shapes • Sound Spaces • Ars Nova with Nicola Giannini • June 8th, 8 pm

After her appearence last year with her performance of Stockhausen’s “Solo”, Agata Tuchołka will join Francesco Del Nero and Jonatan Sersam for a concert at Galleri 21. In the program also two pieces selected from the festival’s Call For Music. At the end of the concert, stay with us for a live set by Erik Högström!

* * *


Kaija Saariaho, “Noa Noa” – for flute and electronics
Talia Amar, “MutaMorphosis”* – for flute and electronics
Matthew Shlomowitz, “Letter piece”
Jonatan Sersam, “Notturno 2.0″** – for harmonica and tape
Nicola Giannini, “Inner Out”* – for ice and electronics

Ars Nova Ensemble:

Agata Tuchołka, flute
Francesco Del Nero, objects and electronics
Jonatan Sersam, harmonica and objects

Special guest:
Nicola Giannini, objects and electronics

* * *

• free entry

* * *

* pieces selected through the international call for music
** world premiere

After the concert, Live Synth Set by Erik Högström

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