Sound Spaces 2019 / Call for music / Results

Winners Category A:

• 1 • Tonia Ko: Breath, Contained II
• 2 • Yohanan Chendler: Un po’ per non morire
• 3 • Piotr Bednarczyk: Nervous

Concert: Ars Nova Ensemble – Sound Spaces 2019

Winner Category B:

Emilee Shackleton: Folding Deviation

Five other pieces were selected from the shortlist to complete the concert programs:

• Simonluca Laitempergher: Prima ipotesi sul reale
• Daniel Mayer: Matters 4
• Adam Stanovic: Helix: circle of fifths
• Marin Escande: зона
• CALEMBOUR (Laura Migliano/Giorgia Petri): Baroque Signals

Concert: Hertz – Sound Spaces 2019

—> Honorable mentions

Cat. A:
Demian Rudel Rey: Tajimamori
Haskell Small: 12 Snippets
Cecilia Arditto: Spiegeltjes

Cat. B:
Giulio Colangelo: Organismo Aperto No.3
Robin Heifetz: Beyond the Ring of Firelight
Flaub Soundart: Lightning Graveyard

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